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Sea Life Exposed

This experience was a long time coming, a dream really that I’ve been picturing in my mind since I was a grade schooler combing through black and white children’s science books at the city library. These books captured my imagination with stories of kids just like me, yet not like me at all — they spent their days in joyful solitude, exploring rocky shorelines as the sea slowly peeled back and revealed its secrets. I spent mine poking around in the lifeless puddles of an ugly, townhouse subdivision. Water worlds that revealed things they don’t sentimentalize in storybooks.

I wanted so badly to discover, see, and touch the magic captured in those pages, but there was no ocean nearby, just a dodgy lake over-run with zebra mussels and an elevated level of fecal matter that put summertime swimming to a stop mid-way through the 1980′s.



Please don’t leave without experiencing the Cabrillo Tide Pools from Davin’s perspective.

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Comments on “Sea Life Exposed”

  1. I am thrilled to be a member of “The NICe” club! Thanks for having me.

    Spent many a day exploring the tidepools near Moss Beach, CA., just south of San Francisco by about 30 miles. The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve it’s called. Well worth the visit if your ever this way.

  2. Welcome Trey! Now that we are licensed drivers we have been talking about how exciting it will be when we finally make it back to San Francisco. We found out years ago that there was no way to get to tide pools as a visitor without driving so we had to settle for a horrible bus tour that stopped at the Monterey Aquarium for only 1 hour.

  3. Thank you for the NICe welcome! After the tidepools eat lunch here. It’s a cool place that was at one time a speakeasy, but is now haunted by the “Blue Lady”. No tourist buses either.

  4. I’m envious of you guys. I spent 3 years in beautiful Victoria, B.C., but the water there is cold and I always wanted to spend some time further south playing in the warmer water. Some day.

  5. Phil: It wasn’t warm enough to get wet — we stuck to looking and taking pictures.

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